Notification :- LSG Department started their online Services like: Trade Licence, Fire NOC etc.
FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Who can apply?
    Applicant from Urban area of Rajasthan can apply.
  • How to Apply?
    Services are available through SSO (Single Sign On). Any applicant through his/her SSO ID can apply for any service in which he/she is interested.
  • What are all Services being provided by the department.
    For services information please click Information Page Link.
  • Do I need to visit Urban Local Body to check status after apply?
    No, Status of application can be tracked online using SSO ID from which application submitted. Additionally, information of application shall also be notified to the citizen to his/her mobile number provided by him/her at the time of filling application.
  • Can the documents also be attached/uploaded in the system?
    Yes, required documents can be attached online.
  • How would I know that the service has been delivered to me?
    The status of application can be tracked online. If the service has been delivered to applicant, status of applicant will change accordingly and the notification shall be sent to applicant to his/her mobile number. Applicant can download certificate/NoC/Permission from anywhere and need not to come at ULB.